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From the desk of Dr. Michael Warren -

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*Due to overwhelming interest, this opportunity is only available to Practice Owners

To help with the challenges of COVID-19 we are about to launch an entirely FREE Telemedicine app for practices who qualify...

It will allow you to remotely


* Video

* Process

It is simple to use & easy to install - a 5 minute set up and you'll be seamlessly accepting virtual appointments with little disruption in service...or revenue!

We will be starting with only 150 practices for our soft launch of this completely FREE service so don't delay getting in touch.

No one saw this crisis it's important to plan how you'll continue to operate your business if you face the worst-case scenario & your hospital is forced to close.

TeleMedicine is your best option for continuing to serve your clients & operating your business in this unpredictable let's make it happen TODAY!

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*Due to overwhelming demand for this platform this opportunity is only available to Practice Owners